Saturday, 16 August 2014

Baaaaaa - trials of the sheepdogs

Of course I've seen One Man and his Dog - years ago, is it still on? As far as I recall, it probably isn't quite 'reality tv' enough for today....maybe if they brought in a public phone vote to choose the winning dog and a panel of 'experts' who may or may not have once owned a dog of some kind, perhaps even a sheepdog.
Anyway, I digress......
Today I went to watch the English National Sheepdog Trials and had a great day out with children and grandparents. I've never seen sheepdog trials before and found it quite fascinating!
I won't pretend to have the slightest clue as to how it's scored or what makes a good run - I just spent my time willing the sheep into the pen and marvelling at how the dogs did exactly what the whistle told them to. The children spent the day standing on tiptoes on a hay bale looking through binoculars trying to be the first to spot the sheep coming over the hill.
Note to self: I wonder if whistles work as well on children, perhaps that's my mistake!


  1. Wonderful photos! I may have to check Instagram out... It looks like an interesting day out.

    Our ex-neighbour came second on 'One Man and His Dog'. He also used to give demonstrations of herding geese at some of the shows round about. I miss seeing him practising in the fields.

    1. Thanks :D That's interesting - I love watching dogs herding geese.