Friday, 13 June 2014

Mutant fruit!

Some of you might remember my garden from my old blog. It's still there and I've been busy planting all spring - now I'm watching it all grow.
I'm most proud of my strawberries so far. I've only got the strawberry bed by accident really! Two years ago I bought loads and loads of old growbags from a local fruit farm for something silly like 10p a bag. All my new beds needed filling up and compost/soil is expensive. Some of the bags didn't get used straight away and sat all winter on my drive, but in the spring all the strawberry plants grew again so last year I planted up a whole bed.
They didn't grow too well and I thought they'd all die over winter but they've grown so well this year that it's taken me completely by surprise. In the last 2 days I've picked 2.5kg of fruit! I can't believe it.
We've eaten more strawberries than Wimbledon, given lots to friends and tomorrow we're making jam!
But back to the mutant fruit - tonight I picked this! Now I've never seen a strawberry that shape before!

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