Tuesday, 11 March 2014

MoonRiver - Light!

Well, I'm used to my jewellery being bought and ordered for different occasions - birthdays, Christmas, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day etc. - but this week I found a whole new use for my work!

A customer of mine dropped in to say thanks for some jewellery sets I had made for her but that she had felt a bit frivolous in just buying so much for herself - so she had come up with a cunning plan........

She allowed herself to have one set straight away and was using the other set as a 'carrot' to encourage her to lose a little weight. She is going to have the earrings after she loses a certain amount and then the matching necklace when she reaches her next target. What a great idea.

Thinking of carrots - perhaps I should make a carrot from silver........ that would certainly have no calories whatsoever!

P.S. I did ask my lovely customer if I could use this story and she so very kindly said yes xx  

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